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Oh Yeah Day events 2014

Aug 1, Fri

20-23h: Szürkeverebek Jazzbandája (H) & Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band (H)
Kiskőrösi Közúti Múzeum, Kiskőrös, Dózsa György út 38., Hungary
supported by the Play Live Foundation

Aug 2, Sat

20-22h: Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band (H)
Kecskemét, Főtér, Emléktár tér, Hungary
supported by the Play Live Foundation

Aug 3, Sun

19h-22h: Freemen Jazz Band (H) & Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band (H)
Magyar Kereskedelmi és Vendéglátóipari Múzeuml, Óbuda, Budapest 1036, Korona tér 1., Hungary
supported by the Play Live Foundation

DixieMix Jazz Band (UK)
King’s Arms, Reepham, Norfolk, UK England

Aug 5, Tue

18-20h30: Cell Block 7 Jazz Band (USA)
The Royce Farms Barbecue, 10880 N Highway 99 Stockton, CA, USA

Aug 7, Thu

19h-20h15: Barbone Street Jazz Band (USA)
Montgomery Park, Montgomerville, PA, USA

19h-21h: Jazzin' Jeanne Brei & The Speakeasy Swingers (USA)
Vegas Italian American Club, Las Vegas, NV, USA

Aug 10, Sun

18h30-20h30: Barbone Street Jazz Band (USA)
Masons Mill Park, Upper Moreland Township, PA, USA

Aug 14, Thu

13h30-14h30: Barbone Street Jazz Band (USA)
Villa St Martha, Downingtown PA, USA

15h-16h: Barbone Street Jazz Band (USA)
St Martha Manor, Downingtown, PA, USA

Aug 17, Sun

15-17h: Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band (H)
Pershore Jazz Festival, Pershore, England, UK

19h-20h30: Barbone Street Jazz Band (USA)
Hershey's Mill Golf Club, West Chester, PA, USA

Aug 19, Tue

14h-16h: Barbone Street Jazz Band (USA)
Paul's Run, Philadelphia PA, USA

Aug 24, Sun

18h-20h: Barbone Street Jazz Band (USA)
Community Park, Falls Township, PA, USA

Aug 25, Mon

18h30-20h30: Barbone Street Jazz Band (USA)
Marriott Hotel, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Aug 28, Thu

19h-20h30: Barbone Street Jazz Band (USA)
Dravo Plaza, Riverfront, Wilmington, DE, USA

Aug 29, Fri

12h30: Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band (H)
Spice of Life Jazz Club, London, England, UK

20h30-23h: Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band (H)
Bay Jazz Club, Botany Bay Cricket Club, East Lodge Lane, Enfield, Middlesex, England, UK






Dr. Tamás Ittzés

Dr. IttzesDr. Tamás Ittzés (born in Budapest, Hungary, Sept 20, 1967), leader of the Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band. As classical violinist he teaches at the world famous Kodály School in Kecskemét and at the Debrecen University, Hungary. As ragtime and early jazz pianist he plays around the world, mostly with his band, the Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band (founded in 1985).

He comes from a musical family. He began to study violin at the age of six and piano two years later. In 1985, he founded the Bohém Ragtime Jazz Band, one of the premier classic jazz bands today. Since 1992 he has organized the International Bohém Ragtime Jazz Festival. Graduated as classical violinist at the Franz Liszt Music Academy in Budapest in 1993.

Besides teaching, he maintains a playing career as concert master and chamber musician. He won first prize with his composition Sedalia Rag at the International Scott Joplin Ragtime Composition Contest in the US in 2001 and his band was given the eMeRT-on Prize as the Best Jazzband of The Year in 2003. He got the "Prima Award" in Hungarian Musical Art category in Bács-Kiskun county in 2010. He received his doctorate degree (Doctor of Musical Arts) in 2009 after successfully defending his doctoral dissertation entitled "German Baroque Solo Violin Literature from Biber to Bach - relationship in instrumental technique and composition". He is chairman of the Kecskemét Jazz Foundation and the Swing Jazz Cultural Foundation.

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